Kayaks $35 ALL DAY New 20' Pontoons $320 for 6 hr. 18' Lund Fishing Boat $175 for 6 hr.

     Explore The Tennessee River Gorge® Aboard our New 20' Pontoon, Lund Fishing Boats,Jon Boats                                                    Canoes Kayaks.                                               

If you are looking to escape the routines of life, appreciate the beauty of nature, observe majestic wildlife, and experience the world from a different perspective, you can turn to us at Canoe Kayak Chattanooga. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to have a wonderful experience at the Tennessee River Gorge (TRG).

Your Next Travel Destination

At the Tennessee River Gorge® Island, you will have every opportunity to quench your thirst for adventure. This island is the most beautiful and untouched part of the 26-mile TRG and located at the widest part of the gorge—spanning almost half-a-mile wide.

TRG boasts of calm waters all year round. It moves 1 to 3 mph year round. Even after heavy rains, the river gorge remains serene. As a result, taking a boat ride, canoe or kayak through the gorge is not only comfortable but also absolutely safe.

During the trip, you can feast your eyes on gorgeous mountains and cliffs that are up to 1,800'ft in height. The top of these natural wonders are the highest points of the 652-mile Tennessee River. If you wish to enjoy the view atop these mountains and cliffs, we can refer you to Snooper's Rock, Prentice Cooper State Forest, Tennessee Wall and Shake Rag Ruins from the 1800s—a riverfront destination that we share property lines with. In doing so, you can gain access to 35-mile hiking trails along the TRG.

The TRG has 27,000 acres for you to explore. There is a bounty of sights to behold. Additionally, you can observe wildlife, which includes the following:

Land Conservation Efforts

99% of all the land through the 27 mile Tennessee River Gorge is state owned. Over 179 miles of shoreline (10,370 acres). Prentice Cooper State Forest (24,686 acres). The TRG Trust (17,000 acres) has been acquiring this land for conservation since 1981.